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Zomo fly case CD CD-50 Tank PER 50 CD

Zomo fly case CD CD-50 Tank PER 50 CD
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Marca: ZOMO

Zomo fly case CD CD-50 Tank


The Zomo CD-50 flightcase was designed for Vinyl-DJs and DJs who work with digital systems. This small and handy Case is holding 50 CDs and it's coming with a shoulder strap for a very comfortable transport. The middle bridge is fixed to avoid the slipping of the CDs and to keep all things sorted and safe. The lid is removable , like the popular CD MK3 and offers every possible comfort. The spring locks can be locked by the included keys and will protect your valuable CDs against every unauthoritzed acess.

Sheer genius and totally cool! It's Zomo!

- Colours: Tank
- Capacity: approx. 50 CDs
- Dimensions: 330 x 355 x 175mm
- Weight: 2,45 kg


- Light weight
- comfortable handle
- lockable snap locks
- Interior foam
- cool design
- material: solid aluminium
- aluminium profiles
- chrome corners
- crosswise arranged CDs for a better overview

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