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NUMARK Laptop Stand

NUMARK Laptop Stand
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NUMARK Laptop Stand


LAPTOP STAND is the DJ’s computer-elevation station. Every performer who uses a laptop, including DJs with TOTAL CONTROL, STEALTH CONTROL, OMNI CONTROL, MixMeister Control or NS7; producers working with an MPC or other production controller; and cutting-edge home studios can appreciate LAPTOP STAND. It is the only laptop stand for DJs that balances solid, secure construction, portable, collapsible, low-weight design and excellent affordability. LAPTOP STAND is fast to assemble or disassemble and comes with a zippered, protective case for convenience in transport.


Solid, easy-to-assemble laptop stand for DJs
Secure construction, yet portable, and collapsible with low-weight design
Fast to assemble or disassemble
Comes with a zippered, protective case for convenience in transport
Dimensioni: 29 cm (P) x 31,5 cm (L) x (14,7 cm (Hmax) - 11,8 cm (Hmin))
n.b. l'altezza minima potrebbe leggermente variare per il peso del portatile

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