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The DJM-S9 is the first model to come from Pioneer since the release of the DJM-2000 years ago. This 2-channel mixer is tailored for Serato DJ and turntablists who are looking for a performance mixer that can handle a DJ’s high-intensity level of input. Inside are two USB soundcards with top-deck input switchers for easy transitions between mediums. The mixer also delivers plug-and-play intergration with Serato DJ’s four deck layout while also natively supporting DVS.

One of the biggest features of the unit is the Magvel Fader Pro that is installed. This cross fader is said to offer low-latency and a fast, accurate response. All the while DJs can change the operational load using the Feeling Adjust dial located at the front of the mixer. With that, DJs will also find three different shock-absorbing Fader Bumpers included to choose the level of resistance and controls to configure Curve and Reverse parameters.

The integration with Serato DJ is where this mixer really hits home as it is fully MIDI compatible and completely functional out of the box. Upon first glance DJs will notice 16 multi-colored performance pads that can trigger and manipulate the Hot Cue, Roll, Slicer, and Loop features of Serato DJ.

An organic EL display shows what mode is in use thus allowing the DJ to keep her eyes on the mixer and off the computer screen. Also, DJs will imediately have 15 on-board Beat FX to control the popular Echo, Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Phaser and Trans effects in time with the BPM. On the right DJs can add six more effects to their favorite Serato DJ FX out of the 55 FXs powered by iZotope. Nothing is official, but one can assume that the DJM-S9 is aiming to compete among other major 2-channel mixers on the market that cater to turntablists.
Dimensioni: 267 x 108 x 407mm
Peso: 4,6kg

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