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The Advent Loudspeaker Vintage Speakers - USATO

The Advent Loudspeaker Vintage Speakers - USATO The Advent Loudspeaker Vintage Speakers - USATO The Advent Loudspeaker Vintage Speakers - USATO
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The Advent Loudspeaker Vintage Speakers - USATO

systems tend to be noticeably amplifier-sensitive, in that their low-end performance is audibly affected by the power capability and damping factor of the driving amplifier, although the Advent seems a little less affected. The Dyna, however, seems to perform at its best with amps of moderate power and damping (50–80Wpc), and tends to thin out at the bottom when used with high-powered, high-damping amplifiers. The Advents, in most environments, sound a shade heavy and under-damped at the bottom with a moderate-power amplifier, and are at their best with high-damping, brute-force amplifiers like the Crown DC-300. The differences here are rather subtle and, due to the higher [sensitivity] of the Advents, high-level listening requirements may tip the scales in favor of them when there is not a great deal of amplifier power available.

Certainly, it is no criticism of the Dyna speakers that their low-end performance is best with the kind of amplifier that most people would normally buy for use with inexpensive speakers. (The Dyna Stereo 120 amplifier is an ideal driver for the. A-25's, not surprisingly.) But the performance of the Advents with top-priced, top-performance amplifiers suggests that it might not be at all absurd to consider using them and, say, a DC-300 in preference to a couple of $300 speakers and a $250 amplifier.

Since the Dyna speakers are often heavily discounted in the stores, it may not really be possible to make a meaningful price-versus-performance comparison between the Dyna and the Advent, but there is no doubt in our editorial minds that each is a "best buy" in its usual price bracket. Where local pricing makes them fairly competitive, your specific installation requirements may force the choice between them. The Advents work best standing on the floor or raised a few inches above it, while the Dynas are generally at their best a few feet above floor level, which is appropriate for bookshelf-sized speakers. Otherwise, our own inclination woul4 be to choose the Advents, if only because they seem more amenable to future upgrading of one's present power amplifier.

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